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Introduction to Houdini Workflow class taught by Assistant Professor Adriana Jaroszewicz at SIGGRAPH 2012

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Introduction to Houdini Workflow

Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, August 8, 2012
9:45AM – 11:00AM


1 Hour

In this session, you will learn how to use a node-based network to simplify complex tasks using Houdini’s procedural workflow. Topics include data flow, procedural animation, and expressions. We will use Pyro 2 to examine how shelf tools can be used to quickly lay down a network that yields excellent results. We will then explore the details of that network and learn how to modify the network to obtain a custom look.


This course is intended for Educators. Space permitting, Beginning professional visual effects artists are also welcome to attend.


Adriana Jarosewicz holds an MFA from the University of Southern California, School of Cinema and Television. Before joining Loyola Marymount University as assistant professor in animation, she served as senior digital trainer for Sony Pictures Imageworks. Recent collaborative works include a series of audiovisual applications for the iPad with OSC Physics, OSC Physics Pro, and the interactive installation Chaos and Metamorphosis. She is currently working on El Botin (The Loot), an animated short and dark comedy that blends period documentary footage, photography, miniatures, and computer graphics.

Aliza Sorotzkin serves as head of education and global training manager at Side Effects Software. Aliza worked in feature film production as a TD and digital artist in effects, lighting, and compositing at Sony Imageworks, Digital Domain, Dreamworks, and Disney Feature Animation. Prior to production work, Aliza taught secondary school in LA. She holds a teaching credential and Masters degree in Education from UCLA.


Business Service Center
Tel: (310) 319 9876

Located on the concourse off the West Exhibit Hall; look for staff wearing Houdini shirts.

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iPad App OSC Physics – a collaborative project with LMU Animation Professor Adriana Jaroszewicz

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The iPad Application OSC Physics that was developed by creative team Adriana and Martin Jaroszewicz is mentioned in this article:

Live, Creative Animation, as OSC Meets Cinema4D (Animate as You Jam on an iPad, etc.)